Samsung Galaxy Tab Screensaver

I recently had an amazing opportunity to work on the Galaxy Tab screensaver for Samsung. It is displayed on each screens of Galaxy Tab A at Samsung retail store worldwide!


Cheil Korea

Minji Moon

Les Monstres, Minji Moon

The purpose to create this screensaver was to show that how users experience the main function of Galaxy Tab A called "Home Mode".
The Home Mode helps users to see weather, time, and calendar at a glance without touching the screen. These interfaces are displayed all the time on the screen and change the UI every 10 seconds automatically.

I created the story of a family using Galaxy Tab A at home on their baby's birthday. 
The mother checks the baby's birthday on the calendar UI, and the father checks the time on the clock UI to prepare cake, The weather UI finally shows up indicating "rainy" to "sunny" and then rainbow appears in the sky celebrating the baby's birthday together!

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