Big Human

Design Direction
Andrey Grabelnikov

Design & Illustration
Minji Moon
Plentiful Website
I designed this whole website for Plentiful. The website is divided in two different tabs, for pantries and for families (customers), so that both can access informations easily.
The Platform for Pantry
This is a platform for pantries that allows them to manage their service schedules, to check their customer list, to send messages to customers, and to serve them on the day of service. It is connected to Plentiful app for customers, so when the customers make an appointment or send messages to pantries, they can check it right away in this platform.
I created the branding illustrations used through Plentiful websites, app and posters.
Plentiful: The app for customers
This is the app called Plentiful for customers. They find pantries nearby,  make an appointment for the future services, and update their profile.
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