PlastikInsta Art Interview​​​​​​​
Plastik Magazine Vol 31
If you had to describe your work in 3 words, which words would they be and why?
Breath, Dream, Fulfill
Breath is the movement. It is the inspiration I give to my models. The air goes in and comes out, representing an infinite cycle. 
Dream is the source. it is the matrix where ideas are perceived, transformed, and recreated.
Fulfill is the direction. It is the will to transform the dream, the idea, the movement into a material thing, into an act, into art.

What does your art focus on?
I compose my work with a limited number of simplified shapes, and vibrant colors. Using these elements, I am looking for an abstract way to achieve the representation of beauty dictated by the research of a balance between each objects and colors.
I chose GIF format because I am interested in working on the movement. A short loop is a midpoint between a still image, and a moving image. My characters are restful, still, but living, breathing, looking. I am trying to convey an impression of restful but mesmerizing movement.

What triggers your imagination and why?
Dreaming, sometimes awake, is always a huge source of inspiration. I believe dream is the key. When we are dreaming, we make abstraction of reality to rearrange thoughts and experience and give them another dimension. I always write down the ideas and images that occur to me. Before getting to work on a new project, I read all the texts that I have written. I prefer writing down my imagination to drawing it because text doesn't put any limitation on expanding my original thoughts. When I read them again later, sometimes I can get fresher images, more developed than the original ones, more in the moment.

Who’s had the most influence on your artistic growth and why?
My favorite artists are Picasso and Matisse. They are using colors without any limitations, but the result achieves balanced harmony on the canvas. Canvases composed of vibrant colors have always particularly pleasured my eyes. It deeply affects the way I work. I consider compositing colors as my primary step when I create my work.

Besides your computer/phone, what is the one thing you cannot work without? Why?
A nice chair to support me while I am working.

Has Instagram influenced your work, why/why not?
Absolutely yes! It has been only 6 months since I made my Instagram account, but I have got many opportunities through it. My work has been featured many times on famous accounts such as @Refinery29, @jasoncampbellstudio, @artparasitesofficial, and @theartidote. Moreover, I have got several projects, and I have been invited to festivals and exhibitions. It can be a really effective platform for artists to promote their work. I can check my followers statistics on Instagram. It is saying that my followers are from various countries such as United States, South Korea, France, Brazil and Italy irrespective of age and sex. People can showcase their work to tons of diverse users. It was a good choice to start using it.

Name 3 Instagram accounts you follow religiously.
@watts.on : I love all the posts they are curating. Nice account to get some trendy and experimental vibe.
@tate : This is my favorite art gallery account. They upload posts in very organized way so that people easily understand what is going on.
@jasoncampbellstudio : This one was very first account I got featured. I feel honored to be featured as one of their mesmerizing posts.

If you could live inside a movie, which one would it be and why?
I really loved a scene of Contact (1997) that Jodie Foster said a poet should have come to describe how it is beautiful facing the universe in front of her. I would love to see it as her.

Who is your dream collaboration?
It would be fun if I can get a chance to work with some interactive media studios such as Obscura to display my work on unique materials.

What keeps you going?
It is a big pleasure to see that my work brings something unexpected to me. Sometimes I find nice harmony of layout and color by chance, or sometimes my work is talking more messages than what I originally put. I would like to see where it would lead me.
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